09.01.16George Mason University Adjunct Professor

I am excited to announce that I have been selected to announce that I have begun teaching jazz saxophone at George Mason University here in Fairfax , VA. I have always wanted to give back to students the many lessons I have learned throughout the years. I look forward being a small guiding light to many musical lives in the area.


Just heard that Foreign Affair is nominated for Best Latin Jazz record of the year for 2010. I performed on almost every tune on that record and feel proud to be involved in that project with some world class guys in the NYC area.


I have been nominated as saxophonist of 2010 under the Latin jazz category. There are some other great players on the list and feel flattered to be named on the same list.

01.22.10been a while

Hi friends,
Been a while since I've given an update. The biggest news is that I got the gig with the West Point Jazz Knights Big Band! I have already done some concerts and road trips with the group and I'm having a blast. I'm in the process of writing and organizing and writing the music for my first recording. I have done lots of live recording and "side-man" records. It's about that time to put something out.

04.05.0808 cool gigs

Hey People it's been a while since I have updated my latest news so here's a quick re-cap of what so been happening in 08!

Jan 22-24 Zinc Bar with Samuel Torres.
Samuel is one of the greatest percussionists around! He is also a great composer. The band featured Ernesto Simpson on Drums, Armando Gola on Bass, Manuel Valera on piano and Taylor Haskings on trumpet.
I have more dates coming up with Samuel around NYC so...stay tuned in!
Feb 8/March 8- Papo Vasquez Big Band. Papo is one of the great trombonists of today. His band is a mix of Afro-PuertoRican music with Jazz. The "pirates" were happening!
Feb 17- Emilio Teubal's Balteubal band. Over the past 2 years, I have really fallen in love with Argentina's music. Emilio Teubal and Guiermo Klien are 2 leading forces in the new Argentinian Jazz wave in new york.
I am proud to say that I'm recording tenor, soprano and flute on Emilio's next record.
March 5- Swinging with Lewis Porter, John Swana and old friend Rudy Roysten. Check Lewis Porter's Coltrane book. It's the only Trane book you will ever need!
March 11-16
Performance and workshop with Ralph Alessi, Jason Moran, Jane Ira Bloom, Fred Hersch and one of the jazz ledgends.....Kenny Barron.
April 4-5. Ignacio Berroa. Swinging with Berroa...one of the most under-rated jazz drummers of our time. He happens to be Cuban and can play all the Cuban Stuff too!
In the works-
More gigs and recordings with
Emilio Teubal
Samuel Torres
Papo Vasquez
Paquito D Rivera

08.23.07Performance Highlights of 07 So far

07 Performance Highlights -LOTS OF GIGS LEFT OUT DUE TO SPACE-
Category: Music

Feb 26- Brooklyn Composer's Collective...great musicians hanging out, playing their Original Compositions in a mini big band format.
March 16- La Balteubal Band. Emilio Teubal's original music. Emilio is an amazing composer and pianist. He writes some of the most beautiful music I have ever played! A true honor to play in his band.
March 16- "late night" Back at the infamous "Blue note" An entire gig of Quincy Jones music. There was a huge Blizzard in NYC that night but...you would have never known it sitting at the Blue Note.
March 19- Zankel Hall "Carnegie Hall"- My first time playing at anything Carnegie Hall. The gig was in a big band setting with Paquito D Rivera. Paquito has always been a role model and jazz giant. A real honor to share the stage with him and his band.
April 27- Quartet Gig with Simona Premazzi. Simona is a great pianist from Milan. Ryan Berg and Emanuel Harrold on Drums. That was a SWANgin night fo sho!
May 29-31- Hector Martignon'g Foreign Affiar @ Zinc Bar Cd release party at the Zinc. Hector can play his ass off and the Zinc bar is "the real thing" for NYC jazz.
June 24- Quartet gig with Ignacio Berroa. Igancio is one of top drummers in jazz and latin jazz. Performance at San Diego's new jazz club Anthology.